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Fall 2011-Summer 2012
Pasadena and Regional Campuses


DESCRIPTION: This course (pass/fail for 2 units) is designed to provide experience in working in a correctional institutional setting. Students will have the opportunity to (1) observe an experienced chaplain in a correctional institutional setting; (2) develop their own skills in ministry to inmates/wards and correctional staff; (3) evaluate values and attitudes toward incarcerated persons; and (4) sharpen the ability to reflect theologically in this setting.

SIGNIFICANCE FOR LIFE AND MINISTRY: This course offers training in the tasks and skills of professional ministry as a chaplain in a correctional institution.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Students will (1) grow in their ability to engage in theological reflection by having regular opportunities to think critically about ministry in light of the Christian tradition; (2) deepen their understanding of the cultural context of ministry by immersing themselves in a specific context and regularly reflecting with their supervisor on the connection between context and ministry; (3) develop toward becoming spiritually mature and accountable practitioners by reflecting with their peers in a theological reflection group or in their faith community and with their supervisor in their internship on the connection between their faith and their ministry; (4) become better Christian leaders by having many opportunities to practice the responsibilities of ministry throughout their internship.

COURSE FORMAT: The student will spend a minimum of 100 hours in one ten-week period in the institutional setting. During this time he/she will work under the supervision of an experienced and certified correctional chaplain. The student will receive training in institutional regulations and security and to be taught proper procedures in handling counseling interviews with inmates/wards. As the situation allows, the student will have the opportunity to conduct Bible studies and sharing and prayer groups for inmates and to participate in worship services.

ASSIGNMENTS AND ASSESSMENT: Punctual work schedule habits, completion of all chaplain interview assignments, participation in a chapel service, strict adherence to institutional security regulations, completion of at least four written (typed) verbatims, one book review, and one personal evaluation report to be uploaded on Moodle by the end of the quarter by the student, along with the supervising chaplain's evaluation. Meeting with Field Education Advisor during Week Five for a progress report on the internship.

PREREGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS: Before the student may register for this course, several steps must be completed, a process that may take up to two months. The first step in the process is to read the preregistration materials available at http://www.fuller.edu/current-students/resources/field-ed/field-ed.aspx. Apply to a recognized correctional institution. A list of recognized sites is available at http://www.fuller.edu/current-students/resources/field-ed/chaplaincies.aspx. After acceptance, submit an internship application and schedule an enrollment interview with the Field Education and Ministry Formation Office. If the internship is approved, the student and his/her Academic Advisor will receive a Course Approval Notification. The student must then contact the Advising Office to receive a Course Reference Number (CRN) in order to register for FE556 online. The student must also complete an orientation with the assigned chaplain at the beginning of the internship. The student may also need to complete other preliminary requirements as well, such as a drug screen or background check. These preliminary requirements may take a month to complete, and must be completed before the student can begin the internship. The student may be charged for some or all of those costs.

PREREQUISITES: Completion of 24 units before registering for this course.

RELATIONSHIP TO CURRICULUM: Meets FE2 Field Education MDiv requirement (MIN 7). It is an elective for the Masters in Theology (MAT). This internship is offered pass/fail for two units.

This ECD is a reliable guide to the course design but is subject to modification. (August 2011)