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Fall, 2012




FI500.  INTRODUCTION TO INTEGRATION.   Cameron Lee.  2 units.




The purpose of this course is to provide students with an orientation to the various ways of interpreting the task of “integration,” and their relevance.  Lectures are intended to introduce beginning students to a variety of theological terms and concepts, and will propose an understanding of integration that is grounded in the student’s own personal and spiritual development.  Topics addressed include the purpose and value of theological study, an understanding of therapy grounded in the call to relational peacemaking, and a personal approach to spiritual self-care based on a reappropriation of the discipline of Sabbath.



Students who successfully complete the course will be able to articulate the relevance of basic theological constructs to their practice with families.



The course is designed to support the SOP learning outcome that students will demonstrate the ability to provide excellent preventative and/or transformational mental health services to church and community.  The course also supports the seminary-wide learning outcomes of students being able to understand Christian theology, ministry, and spirituality, and pursue careers consistent with their education.



This 2 unit course meets once weekly for two hours of lecture and discussion.  One additional hour of small group discussion per week is also required.  Groups will meet to discuss questions based on lectures and readings, and distributed by the instructor.  Grades will be based on attendance and a journaling assignment related to their group discussions.



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Admission to the MSMFT degree program.



1.       Core requirement for MSMFT.

2.       Fulfills BPC Section 4980.36(c)(3) for the State of CA.