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MD543: Mission to Children at Risk (4 units)

Dave Scott, Adjunct Instructor in Children at Risk

Winter 2012 Pasadena / FullerLive!




From the AIDS orphan to the child soldier, every day kids all over the world struggle in unfair situations that place them at risk. This course is designed to provide a deeper understanding of the problems these children face and introduce students to some of the tools and perspectives needed to show the holistic love of Christ. Course topics will include an overview of the major risk factors that affect children, theological foundations necessary to work with them long-term, and presentation of best practices drawn from two millennia of the Church's effective work with children.



á       Acquire the basic tools for understanding the biblical and theological principles for mission to children at risk.

á       Develop awareness of a Christian response informed by an understanding of the problems and best practices of mission to children at risk.



Class will meet weekly for three hour sessions throughout the quarter. A presentation and discussion format will be used, allowing time for small group interaction in which students will have opportunity to evaluate principles and practices of mission to children at risk. The course is team taught with input from academicians and practitioners.


REQUIRED READING: (Required reading in each text will be identified in syllabus.) If you have previously read any of the required texts, please select an alternative text from the recommended reading list or a book approved by the instructor.

Hecht, Tobias. At Home in the Street. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1998.

Miles, Glenn, and Josephine-Joy Wright. Celebrating Children. Carlisle, Cumbria: Paternoster Press, 2003.

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Speakman, Danielle. Nothing But a Thief. Sovereign World, 2002.



1.     An annotated bibliography on 1300 pages of required reading.

2.     A risk focus paper detailing initial research into a category of children at risk (500-750 words, week 2).

3.     A summary of an interview with a person who works with children at risk (1,000 words, week 4).

4.     A theological reflection paper (1,500 words, week 7).

5.     A final paper researching an aspect of children at risk with implications for mission (3,500 words).




RELATIONSHIP TO CURRICULUM: SIS elective. Meets Globalization requirement for MAT (GLBL).


FINAL EXAM: Yes. [This isnŐt in the list of assignments: add to list or should this be ŇNo; final paperÓ?]