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Spring 2011

PM520: Church Management.  Dr. Larry Anderson



DESCRIPTION: A practical overview of managing and leading in a church structure to build effective teams, both volunteer and professional, in achieving the mission of a local church with clear vision and guiding values.  Students will also explore principles for stewarding church finances and policies.


SIGNIFICANCE FOR LIFE AND MINISTRY: Leadership is a key to the effectiveness of the congregation's mission, life, and ministry, and vision is necessary for effective leadership. Vision without structure, strategy, and operational planning will remain wish dreams. What is needed with leadership and vision is church management –- the orchestrating of the system's components so that they function together toward the accomplishment of the congregationŐs mission.


LEARNING OUTCOMES: Students in this course will have demonstrated that they have (a) developed tools for personal growth and health; (b) understood the meaning of mission, purpose, and vision as relevant to managing the church; (c) obtained tools for creating strategic plans, building teams and managing church ministry; and (d) developed resources for understanding legal issues relevant to congregations in current settings, including but not limited to mandated reporting laws for pastors and church workers.


COURSE FORMAT: Course will meet on four Saturdays for lecture, discussion and student projects, for a total of 30 hours.



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Other recommended authors:

Warren Bennis, Max DuPree, Darrell Guder, Bill Hull, Neil Cole, Timothy Keller



1.     Class Participation (required attendance, 10%)

2.     Reading, highlighting and summarizing the required texts.

3.     Three assignments (3-4 pages) related to course reading and discussion (30%)

a.     Develop a personal health and growth plan for the next year

b.     Create a strategic planning process for your church

c.      Plan a staff retreat for personal renewal, planning and some skill development

4.     Final project that applies to course concepts.

Part One: 5-6 page analysis on a church organizational structure assessing content and effectiveness given a specific context and vision. (30%)

Part Two: 5-6 page self-assessment paper, evaluating strengths and weaknesses that impact a leaderŐs effectiveness. (30%)



RELATIONSHIP TO CURRICULUM: M.Div.: MIN6; M.A.T: Elective; M.A.C.L.: Elective



This ECD is a reliable guide to the course description but is subject to modification.