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PR511 Nason

Winter 2011

FSW - Phoenix




PR500:   HOMILETICS.   Doug Nason.



DESCRIPTION: This course is designed to give a general introduction to the theology of preaching and to the art and craft of sermon design and delivery. The person of the preacher, the nature of preaching, and

principles of sermon construction will be discussed.


SIGNIFICANCE FOR LIFE AND MINISTRY: The spoken witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ has always been a primary means of communicating the faith. It continues to be a powerful tool for planting, teaching, and nurturing faith in Christ. Biblical preaching is the principal public form of this witness and skill in biblical interpretation, sermon preparation, and proclamation is expected of those who are called to serve as ministers of the Gospel.


LEARNING OUTCOMES:  Students who successfully complete this course will demonstrate growth

1.     in their understanding of the biblical understanding of Christian communication;

2.     in their understanding of the Bible as the foundation and source of Christian preaching

3.     in their understanding of the differences between written and oral communication;

4.     in their ability to prepare and deliver biblical messages clearly and relevantly to a contemporary audience; and

5.     in their ability to assess both their own preaching and that of others.


COURSE FORMAT: This course will take place over 4 weekends. The course has both lecture and

practicum components. The practica are small groups of students under the direction of the professor. In

these groups students will preach two sermons (both recorded on video).  Students will receive feedback

from group members and the professor. Only the second sermon as evaluated by the professor will count

toward the grade.



All students will read selected portions of each of the following books:

     Allen, Ronald. Patterns of Preaching. Chalice, 1998. [252 pp.] ISBN: 0827229534.  $26.99

     Robinson, Haddon, and Craig Brian Larson. The Art and Craft of Biblical Preaching. Zondervan, 2005. [732 pp.] ISBN: 0310252482.  $39.99

     Additional short readings may be provided during the course.



Preparation and preaching of two sermons, including submission of a brief or outline for each. Self-assessments will be turned in after each of the sermons. Brief reports on reading assignments will be prepared. In addition, there will be an independent study project.


Grading will be based on the Reading Response Reports (20%), the Independent Study Project (15%), the Self-Assessments (15% each), class participation and sermon feedback to classmates (10%), and on the second sermon as graded by the professor (25%).  The first sermon is not counted in the course grade. Any absences will result in a lower final grade unless they are excused and made up.








This ECD is a reliable guide to the course design but is subject to modification.