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Fall 2012/San Diego







DESCRIPTION: This course is designed to provide a theological understanding of Christian beliefs about revelation and Scripture, the triune God, creation and providence, human beings as the image of God, and the fall, evil, and sin; current issues such as ecology and relation to other faiths will also be discussed. On the basis of biblical and historical developments, a contemporary Evangelical theology will be constructed in dialogue with ecumenical, intercultural, and interreligious perspectives.


SIGNIFICANCE FOR LIFE AND MINISTRY: An essential part of preparation for Christian ministry is to learn to think theologically through issues of faith and ministry.


LEARNING OUTCOMES: Students completing this course will have demonstrated (1) a basic understanding of issues in their traditional and contemporary expressions; (2) an ability to reflect theologically upon the course topics; (3) skills towards developing ones own theology in critical dialogue with various views; (4) an acquaintance with a range of cultural and contextual matters that shape our understanding of theological issues; (5) an appreciation of ecumenical and cultural diversity.


COURSE FORMAT: Meets once weekly for lecture, discussion & student presentations.



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1.   1,200 pages of required reading, reported in weekly 2 page reflective essays. 30%

2.   One twelve page essay on one of the doctrines covered in this course. 50%

3.   One five page essay on the practice of theology in pastoral ministry. 20%




RELATIONSHIP TO CURRICULUM: Meets MDiv Systematic Theology a (STA); meets MAT, MATM (2010 revision) requirement.