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Fall 2012/California Coast

Fall 2012/California Coast




OT501: PENTATEUCH. Tremper Longman.



DESCRIPTION: The course studies the Pentateuch (Torah), the first portion of the Hebrew canon, in English translation. This section includes Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy. These books will be studied from a historical, literary, and theological perspective. Attention will be given to the much-discussed issue of the history of composition. Focus will be on original meaning, contemporary significance and the hermeneutical principles that allow us living at the beginning of the twenty-first century to appropriate these ancient books.


SIGNIFICANCE FOR LIFE AND MINISTRY: The books covered in this course introduce many of the most important theological themes of the Bible: creation, sin, redemption, providence, faith, law, presence of God to name a few. These themes help shape our worldview and our personal and corporate faith. Attention will be given to how to preach and teach these books in a way that will encourage faith and transform lives. An understanding of these five books is crucial to understanding the rest of the Bible.


LEARNING OUTCOMES: Students successfully completing this course will have demonstrated (1) a fundamental knowledge of the genre, content, structure, theology, and biblical theology of these books, (2) an understanding of these books in the context of their original ancient Near Eastern setting. (3) a proper hermeneutic to interpret these books and recognize the strengths and weaknesses of other models, (4) theological reflection on the central themes of the Pentateuch including creation, sin, and redemption, promise and covenant, grace and law, and worship, and (5) appreciation and critical interactaction (when appropriate) with historically and culturally diverse vantage points.


COURSE FORMAT: Sessions will meet on four selected weekends (Friday night and Saturday) for at least 30 hours.



The Pentateuch in either the NRSV, TNIV, or CEB translation.

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1.     A 10-12 page paper which includes exegesis and theological exposition of a portion of biblical text from the Pentateuch (50%).

2.     A final exam covering the second half of the course (50%).




RELATIONSHIP TO CURRICULUM: Meets MDiv core requirement in Old Testament "a" (OTA); meets program requirement for MAT.