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Spring 2013/FSNW


P. Scalise


DESCRIPTION: A study of Jeremiah (with exegesis of Hebrew portions), including an introduction to the structure and theology of the book, the various genres represented in the book, its setting and other characteristic features of prophetic literature . Translation and exegetical skills will be part of the subject matter of the course.

SIGNIFICANCE FOR LIFE AND MINISTRY: Exegetical skills and knowledge of biblical content and theology are continuing responsibilities of every Christian minister who will use the Bible for theology, teaching, preaching and guidance for decision making. Students completing the course should have developed a plan for using Jeremiah in ministry.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Students successfully completing the course will have demonstrated that they:(1) have a knowledge and understanding of the book of Jeremiah, its literary features, its historical and cultural context, and the way it illustrates works of its genre; (2) can offer an exegesis of passages from Jeremiah in light of a range of appropriate interpretive approaches, including ones that take account of the diversity of contexts from which the text can be read; (3) have articulated some reflection on the significance of Jeremiah for their discipleship and ministry; (4) have a competence in working with texts in their original language, including familiarity with apparatuses and tools requisite to such study.

COURSE FORMAT: The class will meet on ten Thursdays, April 4 - June 6:00-9:30 PM (35 hours) for recitation, discussion and lecture.


The biblical books of Jeremiah, 1 & 2 Kings, and Ezekiel (NRSV, TNIV or CEB).

Exegetical Workbook (120 pp., distributed on the first day of class; $10 donation requested).

Brown, Driver and Briggs. A Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament. Peabody, MA: Hendrickson, 1996. ISBN: 978-1565632066. $34.95. [reference work]

Craigie, Kelley & Drinkard. Jeremiah 1-25. Word Biblical Commentary Vol. 26. Th. Nelson, 1991. ISBN: 978-0849902253. $49.99. [100 pp]

Elliger, K. and W. Rudolph. Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia. Hendrickson, 2006. Compact ed. ISBN: 978-1598561630. $69.95.

Kautsch, E., Ed. Gesenius' Hebrew Grammar. Trans., A.E. Cowley. Dover Publications, 2006. ISBN: 978-0486443447. $24.95. [PDF available free on-line] ORJouon, P. - T. Muraoka. A Grammar of Biblical Hebrew, Parts 1, 2 & 3. Biblical Inst. Press, 2006. ISBN: 978-8876536298. $80.00. [reference works]

Keown, Scalise & Smothers. Jeremiah 26-52. Word Biblical Commentary Vol. 27. Th. Nelson, 1995. ISBN: 978-0849902260. $49.99. [100 pp]

Stulman, Louis & Hyun Chul Paul Kim. You Are My People: An Introduction to the Prophetic Literature. Abingdon, 2010. ISBN: 978-0687465651. $24.99. [200 pp]

eReader including Journal articles by Rachel A. R. Bundang and Kathleen M. O’Connor. [30 pp]


Kelley, P.H., D.S. Mynatt, & T.G. Crawford. The Masorah of Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia. Eerdmans, 1998. ISBN: 978-0802843630. $26.00.


  1. Complete the exegetical notebook, including analysis and translation of nine assigned passages from Jeremiah plus notes on textbook readings and other research. (35%) [weekly assignments, submitted biweekly for grading]
  2. Weekly participation in class by reading, reporting and discussing. (20%).
  3. Recorded readings in Hebrew (5%) [submitted biweekly]
  4. Exegetical project: research and planning for ministry application of selected passages. (25%) [Due: May 31]
  5. Final exam: oral. (15%) [Scheduled during Week 11.]

PREREQUISITES: LG502 or equivalent

RELATIONSHIP TO CURRICULUM: OTC/Ex in M.Div. and M.A.T. Bib.St. core; Biblical Studies in M.A.T.


NOTE: This ECD is a reliable guide to the course design but is subject to modification. Textbook prices are set by publishers and are subject to change.