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Spring 2012/Seattle
Nicolet Anderson


NT500 : NEW TESTAMENT INTRODUCTION: Valérie Nicolet Anderson.



DESCRIPTION: New Testament Introduction orients students to the literature of the New Testament in its various literary, historical, and theological contexts and to New Testament interpretation in service of Christian practice.


SIGNIFICANCE FOR MINISTRY: The origins of the Christian Church are closely linked to the books contained between Matthew and Revelation. Knowledge of the literature of the New Testament and understanding of how they came into being provides essential tools for nourishing the life of the Church and for preaching and teaching.


LEARNING OUTCOMES: Having successfully completed this course, students will have demonstrated 1) an introductory knowledge of the New Testament (NT) (content and theology) and knowledge about its milieu of production and literary features, and the ability 2) to identify a range of questions (e.g., historical, literary, canonical) that might be addressed to particular NT texts and to explore those questions in the process of interpreting particular NT texts, 3) to identify significant, critical resources for NT study and deploy those sources critically in NT study, 4) to take into account the varied contexts of both the biblical materials and their contemporary interpreters; and 5) to read the NT in ways that foster faithful Christian practice.


COURSE FORMAT: Ten weekly meetings provide 30 in-class hours of informal lecture and class participation based on reading the NT texts and secondary literature.



Paul J. Achtemeier, Joel B. Green, Marianne Meye Thompson, Introducing the New Testament. Its Literature and Theology (Grand Rapids, Mich.: Eerdmans, 2001), 614 pgs., ISBN 13: 9780802837172, $40.00.

Justo L. Gonzalez, Santa Biblia: The Bible Through Hispanic Eyes, Abingdon, 1996, 144 pgs, ISBN 13: 9780687014521, $17.00.

Joel B. Green, Seized by Truth. Reading the Bible as Scripture. Abingdon, 2007, 185 pgs, ISBN 13: 9780687023554, $25.00.

The New Testament (NRSV, TNIV, or CEB required)



C. K. Barrett, The New Testament Background: Writings from Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire That Illuminate Christian Origins (rev. ed., New York: Harper San Francisco, 1995). ISBN 13: 978-0060608811, $20.00.



1.     Careful reading of all assigned texts and participation in class. This portion of the grade will include the postings of small (1-2 pages) reaction papers to some of the readings. While the papers will not be graded individually, successful completion of the assignments will be reflected in the participation grade (20% of the grade).

2.     Two interpretation essays (4-6 pages) of a different biblical passage chosen in agreement with the professor, which engage with two interpretive traditions or two interpretive methods (40% of the grade; 20% each).

3.     One 8-10 paper that will offer an interpretation of a biblical passage aimed at offering a reading that can fulfill critical and exegetical requirements as well as engage the relevance of the passage for the Christian faith (40% of the grade).




RELATIONSHIP TO CURRICULUM: 2010 MACL and MATM core, Elective other degrees.