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Winter 2012



P. Scalise


OT502: HEBREW PROPHETS. Pamela Scalise.


DESCRIPTION: A study of the content and literary qualities of the Former and Latter Prophets in light of their historical background and their developing theology (Joshua, Judges, 1-2 Samuel, 1-2 Kings, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi).


SIGNIFICANCE FOR LIFE & MINISTRY: The books of the Prophets are essential for understanding Gods ongoing words and works of redemption. A student in the course should expect (1) to learn a basic outline of Israels history; (2) to gain a greater familiarity with the content and arrangement of these twenty-one books; (3) to identify and reflect theologically upon the principal prophetic themes; (4) to evaluate and use exegetical tools and scholarly resources in the interpretation of specific texts; and (5) to develop interpretive skills and insights.


LEARNING OUTCOMES: Students successfully completing the course will have demonstrated that

they: (1) have a knowledge and understanding of the Hebrew prophets books; (2) are able to

interpret the Bible using a range of appropriate interpretive approaches, including ones that reflect

the diversity of contexts from which the text can be read; (3) have reflected on the nature of the Bible

as both human word and holy Scripture; (4) have articulated some reflection on the significance of

the Hebrew prophets books for their discipleship and ministry.

COURSE FORMAT: Class will include lecture and discussion and will meet on ten Mondays, 1/9 through 3/12, except 1/16, 6:00 – 9:30 PM. Additional learning activities will be conducted on Moodle. 35 hours.



       The 21 prophets books listed above, in the NRSV, TNIV or the CEB.

       A comprehensive, analytical concordance. (Use in a library or online. Not a required purchase.)

       eReaders: Articles by J. Ahn , R. Weems.

       Goldingay, John. Isaiah. NIBCOT 13. Hendrickson, 2001. 978-1565632233 $16.95

       Gowan, Donald E. Theology of the Prophetic Books: The Death and Resurrection of Israel. Westminster John Knox, 1998. 978-0664256890 $30.00

       King, Philip J., and Lawrence E. Stager. Life in Biblical Israel. Westminster John Knox, 2001. 978-0664221485 $50.00. (Digital version available from Google Books. It includes full color photos.)

       Lapsley, Jacqueline . Whispering the Word: Hearing Womens Stories in the Old Testament. Westminster John Knox, 2005. 978-0664224356 $25.00. (Digital version available from GoogleBooks.)

       Nelson, Richard. The Historical Books. Abingdon, 1998. 978-0687008438 $22.00



       Bright, John. A History of Israel. 4th ed. Westminster John Knox, 2000. 978-0664220686 $40.00

       Clements, R. E. Old Testament Prophecy: From Oracles to Canon. Westminster John Knox, 1996. 978-0664220822

       Mann, Thomas. The Book of the Former Prophets. Cascade Books, 2011. 978-1606086698 $50.00

       von Rad, Gerhard. The Message of the Prophets. Harper & Row, 1972. 978-0060689292 $17.00


ASSIGNMENTS & ASSESSMENT: (1) For the first class meeting, read King & Stager, pp. xvii-129, 201-58; Gowan, pp. xii-xiii, 8-16, 24, 78-79, 144-46. (2) Preparation & participation: The course will require reading in preparation for class and participa­tion in class projects and discussions. A report of pages read and a brief comment or questions will be due at the beginning of every class session (20%). (Missing more than one class meeting may result in a failing grade.) (3) Quiz, on historical setting (lecture, King & Stager, Gowan), 1/30 (10%). (4) A midterm exam (3 essays, 500 words each), open books, notes and Bible, take-home, due Monday, 2/20 (20%). (5) A paper on a passage from Isaiah, researched interpretation (i.e., exegesis) 2500-3000 words, due 3/5 (30%). (6) A take-home final exam (3 essays, 500 words each), open books, notes and Bible, due 3/12 (20%).

To pass the course, all assignments must be submitted.




RELATIONSHIP TO CURRICULUM: Meets MDiv core requirement in Old Testament b (OTB).


FINAL EXAMINATION: Take-home, due 3/12.