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LG 512 ECD Fall 94

Winter 2012





DESCRIPTION: This course is designed (1) to undertake a study of the Old and New Testament texts and their cultural environments which bear on the roles and status of women in biblical history and, in particular, in the early church; (2) to reflect on a wide range of hermeneutical, historical and theological perspectives relevant to the issues of women and ministry; and (3) to formulate significant exegetical and hermeneutical implications and conclusions for the role and status of women in ministry and the church today.


LEARNING OUTCOMES: This course, through the lectures, discussions and assignments, should enable students to (1) understand the New Testament texts about women and ministry; (2) understand the historical and cultural situations in which these texts were written; (3) develop ability in interpreting these texts and the hermeneutical issues and debates they have raised; (4) see the nature of these texts as both human word and holy Scripture; (5) appreciate new ways of understanding these texts and inspire enthusiasm for these texts; and (6) to live in light of them.


RELEVANCE FOR MINISTRY: Fuller Seminary is committed to equality for women and men in all of its programs of preparing women and men for all forms of ministry. Yet the issues involved in this commitment and its implications continue to be widely discussed and debated throughout the church. This course provides a responsible biblical and hermeneutical basis for engaging these issues.


COURSE FORMAT: This course will consist of lectures and vigorous discussion. The course will meet for ten three-hour sessions. 1/6-7, 1/20-21, 2/3-4, 2/10-11, 3/2-3; Friday 6-9p, Saturday 9-12p.




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1.     Two brief exegetical papers [4–6 pages each] on Gal 3:28, 1 Cor 7:1–16, 1 Cor 11:2–16, 1 Cor 14:34–35, Eph 5:18–33, or 1 Tim 2:11–15 [ 25% each];

2.     A major position paper [15-20 pages; this should clearly reflect the use of all required readings and class lectures] on the role and status of women in the New Testament and in the church today [50%].




RELATIONSHIP TO CURRICULUM: MDiv elective. Meets the Interdisciplinary requirement (IDPL).