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Fall 2011




DESCRIPTION: This course is designed for students who feels called to preach but not to pursue the M.Div. degree. It will introduce students to the elements of sermon preparation and delivery, communication theory, pastoral character as it relates to preaching and theology of preaching. It helps to develop a high standard of Biblical preaching without requiring the linguistic prerequisites associated with the M.Div. The emphasis is on learning through doing and group interaction.


SIGNIFICANCE FOR MINISTRY: The world in which we live is communication driven. If we hope to impact it we must have the skills to communicate clearly and powerfully. The congregations to which we are called value preaching. The God we serve has given preaching a central role in His plan to proclaim Good News. The disciplines we pursue need to be integrated into forms that can impact the people we serve. This course is designed to respond to those realities.


LEARNING OUTCOMES: Students successfully completing PR525 will be able to:

       Articulate a biblical conviction that the biblical text is the proper foundation for preaching.

       Frame coherent sermon content.

       Demonstrate basic skills in verbal delivery.

       Thoughtfully evaluate their own preaching/speaking skills, as well as the skill of others.


COURSE FORMAT: The course includes lecture, practicum, reading and research and personal mentoring. Each student will deliver two sermons before his/her peers. In addition, students will be assigned to spend 5 hours of interaction with a mentor of their own choosing. The mentor will be asked to interact with students about his/her view of preaching and method of sermon preparation, as well as respond to student questions about preaching. This course will meet in a weekend intensive format for a total of five weekends and 35 hours of class time.



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And one of the following:

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1.        Preparation of two sermons, including submission of manuscripts for each one. First manuscript and sermon presentation - 25%,

2.        Second manuscript and sermon presentation - 35%.

3.        Reading of the assigned books, with a two-page written reaction to each one-10%

4.        Listening to at least four sermons and submitting rhetorical analysis of each-10%

5.        Minimum five hours of interaction with a preaching mentor and submitting a two page mentorship report-10%

6.        Prepare a 5-10 page paper on your personal theology of preaching -10%




RELATIONSHIP TO CURRICULUM: This course will meet the requirements for Communication in the M.A.T. in Biblical Studies and Theology and in any M.A.T. concentration requiring Communication. This course will not meet the MIN2 requirements in the M.Div.