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NE506: NEW TESTAMENT EXEGESIS: 1 PETER (GREEK) (4 Units). Peter Rodgers.

DESCRIPTION: This course is an exegetical study of the background and setting of I Peter, including critical questions of authorship, date, recipients, occasion, and sources. Special attention will be paid to the use of the Old Testament in 1 Peter, to the catechetical patterns, and to the key theological themes.

SIGNIFICANCE FOR LIFE AND MINISTRY: Major emphases in 1 Peter are the practical outworking of Christ's death in the common life of believers, the nature of Christian priesthood and ministry, the Christian lifestyle, both within the church and in the face of hostility from outsiders, and the nature of leadership and ministry in the church. These topics will be explored, especially through discussion and papers, with an eye on the practice of ministry today.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Students successfully completing this course will have demonstrated that they: (1) have a knowledge and understanding of I Peter, its literary features, its historical and cultural context, and the way it illustrates works of its genre; (2) can offer an exegesis of passages from I Peter in light of a range of appropriate interpretive approaches, including ones that take account of the diversity of contexts from which the text can be read; (3) have articulated some reflection on the significance of this part of the Bible for their discipleship and ministry; (4) have a competence in working with texts in their original language, including familiarity with apparatuses and tools requisite to such study.

COURSE FORMAT: This class is a FullerLive! course that will meet three-and-a-half hours weekly for ten weeks. The course consists of a combination of lectures and discussion. As an exegetical study of the book of I Peter, the bulk of class time will be spent working through the Greek text together.


I Peter in one of the following translations: RSV, NSRV, NIV, and a critical text of the Greek New Testament (either UBS 4th edition or Nestle-Aland 27th edition).

Achtemeier, Paul J. and Epp, J. 1 Peter: A Commentary on First Peter (Hermeneia: a Critical and Historical Commentary on the Bible). Fortress Press, 1996. ISBN: 978-0800660307, Pub. Price $60.00 [423 pp. assigned].

Green, Joel B. 1 Peter (Two Horizons New Testament Commentary). William B. Eerdmans Pub. Co., 2007. ISBN: 978-0802825537, Pub. Price $24.00 [331 pp. assigned].

Jobes, Karen H. 1 Peter (Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament). Baker Academic, 2005. ISBN: 978-0801026744, Pub. Price $39.99 [364 pp. assigned].

See the Biblical Division bibliography "Linguistic and Exegetical Books Required in the Master of Divinity Programs" available at http://schedule.fuller.edu/sot/ecds/Ling-Exeg-Biblio.html.

RECOMMENDED READING: A number of significant commentaries, monographs and articles will be included in the class syllabus.


  1. Class attendance, preparation and participation, including Greek translation. (20%)

  2. A three page review of the Karen H. Jobes, I Peter Commentary. (10%)

  3. A three page review of the Joel B. Green, I Peter Commentary. (10%). The shape of both book reviews will be outlined in the course syllabus.

  4. A five page thematic study on a topic to be agreed upon with professor. (20%)

  5. A fifteen page exegetical paper on I Peter 2:18-25. (40%)

PREREQUISITES: NE502 and (NS501 or NT500)

RELATIONSHIP TO CURRICULUM: Meets MDiv core requirement in New Testament Exegesis (NTE) and MA program requirements for New Testament book study (NTBK).


NOTE: This ECD is a reliable guide to the course design but is subject to modification. Textbook prices are set by publishers and are subject to change.