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CN520: PASTORAL COUNSELING. William Roozeboom.

DESCRIPTION: Pastoral counseling as a specialized ministry within the field of pastoral care will be explored in preparing persons who plan to do pastoral counseling and pastoral psychology. A survey of counseling theory and skills, with attention to particular ministry issues, will be incorporated into a practical format for pastoral caregiving settings.

SIGNIFICANCE FOR LIFE AND MINISTRY: To pastor effectively is to be available to people in crisis, in growth passages, and in change throughout the life cycle. The pastoral counselor is capable of offering therapeutic intervention and support, as well as facilitating the pastoral care of the people of God surrounding the counselee.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Students completing this course will have demonstrated (1) a better understanding of and an ability to interpret individual experience, family relationship patterns, culture, and congregational life; (2) skills in counseling individuals, families, and congregations; (3) the ability to more deeply empathize with people to whom they minister, and seek ways of preventative education and care for others; (4) that they have begun to identify what theological commitments he/she brings to the counseling process; and (5) more commitment to self-development and self-care.

COURSE FORMAT: The course meets weekly for a three-hour session. Lecture, discussion, audio-visuals, case studies, experiential exercises, and practice in simulated counseling circumstances will integrate theory, theology, and practice.

REQUIRED READING: A minimum of 1200 pp., including weekly assignments from the required and recommended reading:

Culbertson, Philip. Caring for God’s People: Counseling and Christian Wholeness. Augsburg Fortress Press, 2000. ISBN: 978-0800631871, Pub. Price $29.00 [340 pp.].

Kornfeld, Margaret. Cultivating Wholeness: A Guide to Care and Counseling in Faith Communities. Continuum Books, 1998. ISBN: 978-0826412324, Pub. Price $26.95 [400 pp.].

Lartey, Emmanuel Y. In Living Color: An Intercultural Approach to Pastoral Care and Counseling. 2nd ed. Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2003. ISBN: 978-1843107507, Pub. Price $26.95 [192 pp.].

Miller, William and K. Jackson. Practical Psychology for Pastors. 2nd ed. Wipf & Stock, 2010. ISBN: 978-1608996131, Pub. Price $55.00 [468 pp.].

Course Syllabus and Reader with selected chapters on e-reserve and reserve in the library.

RECOMMENDED READING: Available in the course syllabus.


  1. Reading, attendance, and participation: wide reading of theory and cases, attendance of lectures, and participation in individual and group processes [15%].

  2. Present a paper on “the basic assumptions I bring to the pastoral counseling relationship,” as well as name the key theological commitments you bring to the pastoral counseling process (approx. 7 pages) [25%].

  3. Do a reciprocal case study with a fellow student including: a case write up, a case analysis with verbatim, and a demonstration of pastoral counseling skills in a small group examination with another dyad and the professor [60%].


RELATIONSHIP TO CURRICULUM: Meets MDiv core requirement in Pastoral Counseling (MIN 5).

FINAL EXAMINATION: Yes. Small group process, which demonstrates pastoral counseling skills.

NOTE: This ECD is a reliable guide to the course design but is subject to modification. Textbook prices are set by publishers and are subject to change.