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Winter 2013/Colorado Springs

MT520 A/B

C. Van Engen & M. Hopkins


DESCRIPTION: A central theme of the Scriptures is the mission of God (missio Dei) as related to the present and coming Kingdom of God. Students will study the Bible from the perspective of God's mission, from the beginning of time to its consummation. The course is designed to give the students a biblical, theological, missiological and praxeological foundation for reflection and action in the church and in society. The course examines the story of God's actions in and through history, establishing a covenant relationship with the People of God redeemed and called to be God's instruments among and for the nations. This involves continuity with the Old Testament expectation and New Testament fulfillment in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is viewed as the "hinge of history," the Great Commission as the culmination of Jesus' teaching on the Kingdom of God, and the descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost as the climactic event that creates the Church. From Pentecost onward the mission of the Church can be viewed eschatologically because the glorious appearing of the Kingdom and our Lord's coming marks the end of the Church's mission.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: As a result of this course the student will

  • develop a missiological hermeneutic which will be applied to Scripture;

  • re-read the Bible in order to understand the nature of God's mission in Scripture;

  • allow biblical understanding and mission practice to influence one another;

  • develop practical missions application based on biblical theology of mission.

COURSE FORMAT: MT520A will meet for the second week of a required two-week intensive residency for the MA in Global Leadership from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Students will do pre-seminar readings (read Glasser and Fee/Stuart) and assignments. MT520B will involve post-seminar readings and completion of Bible reading and summarization, outside reading and reports, and assignments in the students' ministry contexts after they return home.

REQUIRED READING: A total of 1,250 pages:

The Bible (a minimum of 50 chapters of the Bible are to be read, equivalent of 100 pages). Students will read 5 chapters each for Part A: from the Pentateuch, Historical Writings, Poetic Literature, Major Prophets, Minor Prophets; and 5 chapters each for Part B: from the Gospels, Acts, Pauline Literature, General Epistles and Revelation.

Glasser, Arthur F., Charles E. Van Engen, Dean S. Gilliland, and Shawn Redford. Announcing the Kingdom. Baker, 2003. ISBN: 9780801026263. Pub.price $30.00.

Four Additional Required Texts to be read in this order:

Fee, Gordon, and Douglas Stuart. How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth. Zondervan, 2003. ISBN: 9780310246046. Pub.price $16.99.

Montgomery, Helen. The Bible and Mission (Chapters 1&2; FREE - available in class)
OR Briscoe, Jill. Jonah and the Worm. JILCO, 1983. ISBN: 978-0962497605. Author's website: at http://www.tellingthetruth.org. Pub.price $7.00.

Wright, Christopher J. H. The Mission of God. InterVarsity, 2006. ISBN: 9780830825714. Pub.price $40.00.

Newbigin, Lesslie. Open Secret. Eerdmans, 1978, 1995. ISBN: 9780802808295. Pub.price $18.00.

Supplemental Reader includes both required and recommended readings. Recommended readings are for the students' self-study, enrichment, and resourcing; particularly to help students prepare for writing the paper, and for greater understanding of the course material.


Bright, John. The Kingdom of God. Abingdon, 1957. ISBN: 9780687209088. Pub.price $27.00.

Gallagher, Robert L. and Paul Hertig, eds. Mission in Acts. Orbis, 2004. ISBN: 9781570754937. Pub.price $34.00.

Kaiser, Walter C. Mission in the Old Testament. Baker, 2000. ISBN: 9780801022289. Pub.price $13.99.

Ladd, George, E. The Gospel of the Kingdom. Eerdmans, 1959. ISBN: 9780802812803. Pub.price $14.00.

Nissen, Johannes. New Testament and Mission. Peter Lang, 2006. ISBN: 9783631560976. Pub.price $36.95.

Padilla, René. Mission Between the Times. Eerdmans, 1985. ISBN: 9780802800572. Pub.price $20.00.

Shenk, Wilbert, ed. The Transfiguration of Mission. Herald, 1993. ISBN: 9780836136104. Pub.price $19.99

Van Engen, Gilliland, and Paul Pierson, eds. The Good News of the Kingdom. Orbis, 1993. ISBN: 9780883448632. Pub.price $21.00.


MT520A (Winter 2013)

  1. Participation in the Seminar. (60%)

  2. Two Reading Reports (Glasser, Fee and Stuart) due prior to class, following instructions in syllabus. (30%)

  3. A summary paragraph for each OT book of the Bible read, describing the mission of God to the nations as depicted in that book. (10%)

MT520B (Spring 2013)

  1. Three Reading Reports (Montgomery OR Briscoe, Wright, Newbigin) following the instructions in the syllabus. (30%)

  2. Supplemental Reading. (10%)

  3. A summary paragraph for each NT book of the Bible read, describing the mission of God to the nations as depicted in that book. (10%)

  4. One 12-page (minimum) to 20-page (maximum) typed, double-spaced paper tracing a biblical theme of missiological significance through the Old and New Testaments, examining at least 2 and at most 3 passages selected from each Testament. The theme will be selected by the student and related to the student's pilgrimage in ministry and to the mission of the people of God touching the nations. The paper must show extensive interaction with the books read, should develop the missiological meaning of the theme chosen, and demonstrate the missiological implications for ministry in the student's particular context. (50%)

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Grades are given only for completed work; due to the nature of the course, partial work is not accepted.

PREREQUISITES: This course is only available to those who are accepted into the MA in Global Leadership.

RELATIONSHIP TO CURRICULUM: A required course for the Cohort portion of the MA in Global Leadership. NO AUDITORS.


NOTE: This ECD is a reliable guide to the course design but is subject to modification.