C1: Engaging Global Realities (2014 MDiv)
C1: Contextualizing 1: Engaging Global Realities (2014 MDiv)
C2: Contextualizing 2: Engaging Culture (2014 MDiv)
C3: Contextualizing 3: Engaging Local Contexts (2014 MDiv)
C4: Contextualizing 4: Engaging Ethnically (2014 MDiv)
C5: Contextualizing 5: Engaging Human Diversity (2014 MDiv)
CCLD: Crosscultural Leadership (2015 MAICS)
CHA: Early Church History (Pre-2014 MDiv)
CHB: Medieval/Reformation Church History (Pre-2014 MDiv)
CHC: Modern Church History (Pre-2014 MDiv)
COMM: Communication
CO5: Meets the CO500 + CO503 requirement of various degrees
CSCC: Crosscultural Studies Core Course (pre-2010 curriculum)
CULT: Culture (Fall 2007-Fall 2009 SOT MA)
ETH: Ethics (Pre-2014 MDiv)
ETHN: Ethnicity (Fall 2007-Fall 2009 SOT MA)
FSP: Foundational Spirituality (Fall 2007-Fall 2009 SOT MA). Also meets SP2 and SPIR
GLBL: Globalization (pre-Fall 2007 SOT MA)
GK: Greek (2014 MDiv)
GRK: Greek (pre-2014 MDiv)
HB: Hebrew (2014 MDiv)
HEB: Hebrew (Pre-2014 MDiv)
HERM: Hermeneutics (Pre-2014 MDiv)
IDPL: Interdisciplinary (MACL for SOP students pre-2010)
ISCC: Intercultural Studies Core Course (pre-2010 curriculum)
ISRR: Intercultural Studies Research Requirement (pre-2010 curriculum)
LDR: Leadership (2014 MDiv)
MACL: MACL (2010 revision) Requirement
MAIS: MAICS (2010 revision) Requirement
MAT: MAT (2010 revision) Requirement
MATM: MATM Requirement
MB5: Substitutes for the MB501 requirement in Theology and Intercultural Studies degrees
MINF: Ministry Foundations (pre-Fall 2007 SOT MA)
MIN1: General Ministry/Spirituality (Pre-2014 MDiv)
MIN2: Preaching/Communication (Pre-2014 MDiv)
MIN3: Evangelism (Pre-2014 MDiv)
MIN4: Christian Formation/Discipleship (Pre-2014 MDiv)
MIN5: Pastoral Counseling (Pre-2014 MDiv)
MIN6: Pastoral Ministry/Theology (Pre-2014 MDiv)
MIN7: Field Education (Pre-2014 MDiv)
MIN8: Missions (Pre-2014 MDiv)
NT1: New Testament 1 - Gospels (Pre-2014 MDiv)
NT2: New Testament 2 - Acts-Revelation (Pre-2014 MDiv)
NTBK: New Testament book (Fall 2007-Fall 2009 SOT MA degrees [except MACL] and MAT 2010 revision)
NTE: New Testament Exegesis with Greek text (Pre-2014 MDiv)
NTT: New Testament Theology (Pre-2014 MDiv)
NTX: New Testament Exegesis (2014 MDiv)
OTA: Old Testament - Pentateuch (Pre-2014 MDiv)
OTB: Old Testament Prophets (Pre-2014 MDiv)
OTBK: Old Testament Book (Fall 2007-Fall 2009 SOT MA degrees [except MACL] and MAT 2010 revision)
OTBE: Old Testament Prophets with Hebrew text (Pre-2014 MDiv)
OTC: Old Testament Writings (Pre-2014 MDiv)
OTCE: Old Testament Writings with Hebrew text(Pre-2014 MDiv)
OTX: Old Testament Exegesis (2014 MDiv)
P1: Preaching 4 unit (2014 MDiv)
P2: Preaching 2 unit (2014 MDiv)
PC: Pastoral Care (2014 MDiv)
PHIL: Philosophy (Pre-2014 MDiv)
RTH: Religion and Therapy (SOP Integration requirement).
SCR: Seminary Core Requirement (for MATM, MACL, MAICS, and MAFS degrees beginning Winter 2010)
SP2: Second Spirituality requirement (Fall 2007-Fall 2009 SOT MA). Also meets SPIR.
SPIR: Spirituality (pre-Fall 2007 SOT MA)
SREL: Science and Religion (SOP Integration requirement).
STA: Systematic Theology A (Pre-2014 MDiv)
STB: Systematic Theology B (Pre-2014 MDiv)
STC: Systematic Theology C (Pre-2014 MDiv)
TH1: Theologizing 1: God and Christ (2014 MDiv)
TH2: Theologizing 2: The Church and Humanity (2014 MDiv)
TH3: Theologizing 3: Modern Theology (2014 MDiv)
TH4: Theologizing 4 (2014 MDiv)
TH5: Theologizing 5 (2014 MDiv)
WREL: World Religions (Fall 2007-Fall 2009 SOT MA)